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As a long time coach and mentor, Tony Ernst has worked with thousands of people from beginners to industry professionals across a range of equestrian fields.  Here's what some clinic participants and industry professionals had to say:

Tony Piggott - first Australian to win USA NCHA Open Futurity in 2009.

Pat Parelli – Discover how Tony Ernst inspired Pat to start his Natural Horsemanship program in the late 1970’s. 

Leanne – June 2018

How do you feel you/your horse has progressed from the horsemanship & cattle clinic?

Amazing difference in both myself and my horse over 2 days. I learnt where to position myself to help my horse, my horse is turning, stopping much better and so soft.


Biggest learning from the clinic?

Body position, using breathing, horse positioning.


Would you like to attend another clinic in the future?

Yes, very keen in particular to attend a 2 day horsemanship clinic.  Tony is a wonderful motivational speaker, very open and approachable. I feel I have found my new "coach" in horsemanship.  Thank you, Tony, for making the 10 hour drive to pass on so freely your wealth of knowledge and experience.

Dayboro clinic - August 2018

"Thank you Tony for a great learning experience. So many light bulb moments. Thank you Maxie Ernst and everyone else who helped organise the weekend and make it happen. Anyone who thinks they are not good enough to do one of these clinics should think again. Tony really does take you through exercises at your level and is so easy to understand."

“Thanks to you for an awesome weekend and bringing such a great horseman to our little town. Discussions with many attendees since have revealed many lightbulb moments! No matter what our chosen sport, I think everyone gained huge knowledge and how to apply it with relevance.”


“Thank you for a weekend in which everyone took away some simple but important lessons that will stay with them for life. In an industry filled with people who go out of their way to make the simple seem difficult and the obvious appear as if it were some dark mystery, Tony is breath of fresh air. I can't wait to do it again.”

Wagga Wagga - March 2019

Sue - 
A big thank u for all your patience and encouragement last weekend at Wagga clinic I got so much from u that weekend - we scored a second in the two-handed cutting event this weekend soooo happy 

Sallie - Thanks Maxie, it was a fabulous clinic. I’d love to do another one day!

My biggest issue with my horse is myself, I often restrict his ability to perform due to my bad habits.  However, Tony was quick to pull me up and gave me ways to resolve those habits which allowed my horse to work without someone pulling on his head.

I’ve been to a fair few clinics in the last few years, and I’ve been given various different instructions on how to achieve certain things, which has left me confused and thinking it’s nearly impossible to achieve. Tony’s methods were to simple and basic, but so achievable - which has given me a new found hope! I loved seeing the way he used the same principles on a variety of different horses and riders and all achieved the same result.

I wrote a big list of all the things I’ve learnt on my phone, and went straight home and started implementing those on my breakers and I was very impressed with the results I got! 
Thanks Tony, you’re a wealth of knowledge and I can’t wait for the next clinic.

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