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If you are not familiar with Tony Ernst, his experience spans the US and Australia, he has worked with world champion horses like Smart Little Lena & industry professionals such as Roger Wagner, Bill Freeman, Pat Parelli and Vivian Wearing.  ​


Tony carries all his own insurances for each clinic and his style of clinics cater for horses and riders across all levels and deliver PLENTY of one on one coaching.  Tony can structure a clinic specific to requirements upon special request. 

All clinics are one horse/one rider - unless stated otherwise in the event page.  Gift certificates available.

All enquiries please contact the Tony Ernst Promotions team at or via Facebook "Maxie Ernst"


  • Are you looking to learn how to get you and your horse more balanced and enjoy your riding? 

  • Want to learn practical skills on how to solve common horse problems such as pawing & not standing still to mount?

  • Keen for HANDS-ON learning with YOUR horse?

Horsemanship Clinics cover a

wealth of detail from:

utilisation of the round pen,

clear explanation of predator/prey instincts, biomechanics of a horse, how to develop and correctly use seat and legs, solving of common horse problems and teaching each individual how to ride with confidence.


  • What message are you sending your horse?

  • Learn how to partner with your horse to be effective when working cattle!


  • Practical take-home skills & manoeuvres which can be applied to ALL cow horse disciplines

Possibly the most popular of his

clinics, Tony's Horsemanship &

Cattleworking Clinics combine

the best of both worlds. 


Covering one on one coaching across: horsemanship skills and body control of your horse, manoeuvres 

specific to working a cow, using Mechanical Cow as a training aid, application of skills to working live cattle.


  • Confused about where to position yourself on a cow?

  • How to set up your run to cut the right cow in the right spot!


  • Timing, timing, timing!

​Advanced Cattleworking Clinics take you to that next step!  Get real time coached as though Tony was riding your horse with you.


Tony coaches you through:

  • Advanced techniques on the Mechanical Cow

  • Progressive manoeuvres on single cow

  • Various methods of cutting out of the herd

  • Working around the pen from a middle herd


​When safety is paramount, Tony works with groups of employees to coach and up-skill on better cattle handling techniques.  Better handling leads to low stress cattle and greater weight gain.


Tony coaches your employees through:

  • Safety around horses, cattle & penned cattle

  • Horsemanship techniques

  • Cattle settling methods

  • Techniques for cutting out sick cattle

  • Setting up feedlots to take advantage of the natural flow of cattle

  • Assessment process for employees and horses

  • Management leadership and teamwork techniques

Grassdale Feedlot - Class of 2017​.  Video courtesy of Neil Jones Event Videography and Live Streaming


"Attitude is not the most important thing in life, its the only thing."


Personal Development & Team Building events with Tony are a unique experience.  Tony uses the skills he has learned training animals over many years, into mentoring people to assist with their confidence, team building and Business growth skills through teachings about personality profiles and how they influence every interaction.

Tony shares his motivational influence using a culmination of Kung Fu, horses and Instinctive Horsemanship.  As Tony puts it “A life of falling down and getting back up again experiences”.

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